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Busses, well, busses are important. Or so believes Steven Higashide, author of Better Busses, Better Cities. 99 Percent Invisible introduced me to Steven’s work in episode #388 — Missing the Bus. The work of Higashide belongs on a podcast like 99PI because the pod deals with the design of everyday things. And I can’t think of too many things more every day, than busses.

As a summary and an effort to pique your interest in the episode yourself, I’ll give you a sampling of some of the subjects that Higashide explores. The raw efficiency of busses, in comparison to other…

The United States is a citizen of the world. There are times when we can only see and perceive ourselves clearly is through the observations of others. Many would say that America is turning away from representative democracy towards the embrace of authoritarian fascism.

This is a simple poll. There are 4 options:

1) The reelection of Donald J Trump as President of the United States will have a positive and beneficial effect on stability in the world

2) The reelection of Donald J Trump as President of the United States will have a devastating and destructive impact on…

I could not let the Congressional primary in Florida’s 23rd district pass without posing the question, “Who owns Debbie Wasserman Schultz?”

Below you will find a fairly complete list of her corporate donors and benefactors.

“1–800 CONTACTS, INC. PAC”,”$1,000.00"




American Airlines Group,”$3,500.00"

American Express,”$2,500.00"







Bank of America,”$1,000.00"

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida,”$10,000.00"

BNSF Railway,”$2,500.00"

Boeing Company,”$7,000.00"



Cisco Systems,”$11,000.00"


Comcast Corporation,”$17,500.00"

Cox Enterprises,”$5,000.00"

Cozen O’Connor,”$3,384.00"



CVS Health,”$1,000.00"


Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC),”$1,000.00"

Dow Inc.,”$1,000.00"

Duane Morris,”$1,000.00"

Eli Lilly,”$6,500.00"


In June 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lit up the night sky like a flash of lightning from a coming thunderstorm that would drench the parched political landscape.

Only 27,658 votes were cast during her primary election. It’s a pitifully small number considering that the NY-14 congressional district represents approximately 715,000 constituents. NY-14th represents a very BLUE voting populous so the primary election IS the election.

Still, that small number of voters wielded an amazingly large amount of power in determining representation.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or ‘AOC’ for those of us whose mouths don’t move fast or fluidly enough to say her name)…

Update as of 10/26/18…the “Coalition…” is almost at 1,000,000.00

Coalition for East Bay Health Care Access, Affordable Housing and Quality Public Schools, supporting Buffy Wicks for Assembly 2018…oh, so that is what they are calling themselves. Look it up yourself.

If you find that interesting, you might find these two useful as well.

Now, the individual groups cited above can call themselves anything they want. Their entitled to that, and as you can see, they’ve certainly paid for the right. But the truth that I perceive goes by a shorter, more memorable name:

The Coalition to Buy California Assembly District 15

For the duration of the race, this is…

A “Blue Wave?”…not so fast

“I was told there would be no math.” The immortal words of Chevy Chase portraying Gerald R. Ford on SNL decades ago float through my thoughts as I assemble these depressing spreadsheets. There isn’t much math, but what it represents is appalling none the less.

The rows and columns below are the results of four Assembly Special elections that have transpired since 12/5/17. These elections came to us courtesy the #MeToo movement chasing Assembly members from their seats due to their misdeeds. One of the openings was set in motion when Jimmy Gomez moved from the Assembly because… Xavier Becerra…

A Pirate’s Life for Me! Arrrrrrrrg

I should have waited until Talk Like a Pirate Day, but this just couldn’t wait.

Below you will see links to all the therapy that I wrote leading up to and through the 2016 primary and convention. That was until I wrote the straw that broke the camel’s back. I do not know if it was this one particular post…or the body of work that made this the terminal point for my relationship with Daily Kos, but it did the trick. The title of this piece may seem arcane, cryptic and obtuse, but let me explain. I finally got confirmation…

Fake News. That is not what this will be. With the one year commemoration of the Grifter-in-Chief in office, it seemed fitting to ponder what could best be described as …an Alternate Speculative Reality. What if…what if Hillary Rodham Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election? What if the Clinton campaign had allocated the necessary resources to bridge the 107,105 votes across the decrepit “Blue Wall”? What if the campaign had actually…you know, remembered that they lost both Wisconsin AND Michigan to an insurgent Sanders campaign during the primaries and prepared for those states accordingly. Perhaps former Michigan Governor Jennifer…

Possessing no talent of my own, I find it necessary read and synthesize the writings of others who do. While there are times when I derive joyous epiphanies from this process, now is not one of them. As I hope you will come to realize, we have had war declared upon us.

That statement begs the following question: Who is us? Well, basically, anyone who sits, stands, or runs in the left end of the spectrum in this country. This has been a long time in coming and like so many things, success is always about timing and circumstance. Forgive…

“California is divided into 80 State Assembly districts, each of which elects a member to the State Assembly. Each assembly district contains about 466,000 people. Each Assembly member is limited to three terms by a referendum passed by California voters. ” Ain’t Wikipedia grand.

It has been less than a month since Doug Jones narrowly won a seat in the United States Senate via a special election in the state of Alabama. While there has been much jubilation in the Democratic ranks about Jones’ victory, perhaps we should slow the roll…just a bit. I swear, it seemed like people across…

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